What Does the New GAME OF THRONES Casting Mean for Season 6?? (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

Subscribe for more Nerdist News: http://nerdi.st/subscribe Watch the last episode at: http://nerdi.st/1DoHCYg We’re breaking down those new casting updates from the set of Game of Thrones! What does Max Von Sydow as the Three Eyed Raven mean for Bran’s story? Is Ian McShane playing Ned Stark’s BFF from back in the day? Jessica Chobot gives you the Maester’s course on GoT internet speculation on today’s Nerdist News! What do you think the casting means for season 6? Discuss in the comments below! More on this story: http://nerdi.st/1W0tOtb More Game of Thrones: http://nerdist.com/tag/game-of-thrones/ Watch more Nerdist News: http://bit.ly/1qvVVhV Follow Us: Nerdist News https://twitter.com/NerdistNews Nerdist.com https://twitter.com/NerdistDotCom Jessica Chobot https://twitter.com/JessicaChobot Dan Casey https://twitter.com/osteoferocious Malik Forté https://twitter.com/Malik4Play Kyle Hill https://twitter.com/sci_phile Nerdist News 5 days a week, Monday through Friday at 8am PST. Image: HBO

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